Cascadon is divided into 9 baronies and 3 King Cities. The inner baronies are generally more politically and economically minded, the middle baronies are a bit more war oriented, and the outer baronies are a bit wild and untamed.

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Inner Baronies
Ictus – To the north of Castle Cascadon, within the Cascadonian mountain valley, sprawls Ictis, the first barony of Cascadon. The peaceful region attracts farmers and craftsmen, supplying the castle.

Tarandrus – Set in the mouth of the Cascadonian mountain valley, Tarandrus protects Castle Cascadon. Producing military specialists, the barony is intensely loyal to the king.

Vulpes – Center of culture, art, and blatant lies, Vulpes lies east of the castle in the Cascadonian mountain valley. They monopolize shipping and transportation services.

Castle Cascadon
Nestled vaguely in the center of the three inner baronies, the Castle Cascadon is the home of the monarchy. The castle is surrounded by a sprawling city, as well as King Owned farms and ranches. In addition to housing the monarchs, each of the barons has a representative who lives at the castle to participate in the Baron’s Council, which, under supervision of the Queen, coordinates with guild masters to pass economic law.

Middle Baronies
Aper – Guarding against Zubin’s Wood in middle Cascadon, Aper attracts army irregulars, hunters, and those brave enough to dare the woods in search of profit.

Aquila – Anchoring the eastern end of Berengar’s Wall in middle Cascadon, Aquila is the home of diplomats, accountants, and tax collectors.

Canis – Defending the western end of Berengar’s Wall, the majority of the army’s foot troops hails from Canis, and are as loyal to the kingdom as the animal they are named for.

City of Medius
In the very center of Cascadon lies Medius. This city is the second seat of power in Cascadon, and houses the high courts. It is in Medius that major crimes are tried, and executions held. This is also a trade hub between all of the baronies, and is a popular place for royalty to go in order to curry favor with the people.

Outer Baronies
Corvus – Once the southernmost barony in Cascadon, Corvus was overrun by Hestrean forces and is no more. Refugees have spread to the nearest baronies for shelter.

Ferre – Tucked into the mountains near Kadessi, Ferre is a powerhouse of industry, searching for metal in their copious mines and for ideas in their famed university.

Murilegus – In the plains of eastern Cascadon, Murilegus has an unsavory reputation for birthing and harboring thieves, swindlers, smugglers, and cutthroats- all for hire.

Port of New Hope
Ruled by the “Pirate King,” the Port of New Hope is a bustling port city that is constantly full of ships coming and going. This trade center is a neutral space, permitting traders from all countries, even Dunelain, to set up shop within the city limits.

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