Chapter One - Light

First, there was nothing. This nothing was consciousness, limitless and therefore, inconsequential. To give itself meaning, the consciousness created space, to show of consciousness extends beyond it. But the space was empty, and the consciousness wanted to show how much more full it was, so consciousness created things and sounds. And to show that consciousness was eternal, it made time to wear away all things. When all was done, the consciousness created light, and thus, Viedonna came into being.
As the warden of light, Viedonna became the guardian of all that is light, and as her role expanded through the universe so did her desire to be like the universe. The issue was that light in the midst of nothing was itself, meaningless. To establish the importance of light, she needed to create darkness. But painting in the night sky black around all of the stars would be time consuming, so she took the parts of herself that she desired least, and formed a new entity – Vietomma, and tasked her with being the warden of darkness. But the world itself was still empty and plain, so with the help of Vietomma, Viedonna created Erjon – god of the elements. He filled the world with heat and cold, wetness and dryness, and all sorts of wonderfully exciting things. But, Viedonna was not satisfied with the importance of light still.
Viedonna took to creating things that would require light to live, and made plants, then water to feed them what light could not. But this became tiresome, so she created Taradessa, and tasked her with the creation of life forms to fill the planet. Meanwhile, Viedonna took to building a home for herself in the heavens. She chose the sun. Once she was finished with the home for herself, Vietomma, and Taradessa, she looked out and saw that new gods, Dalka, Aisha, Kie, and Lethos had been created, so she returned to the sun to make rooms for them also. And, since she was already adding so many new homes, she decided to make herself a helper; Madock. However, upon her next return to the world, Viedonna was distressed to find that chaos had broken out between her fellow gods. After her long absence, she descended to settle the raging consequences of the war between the gods. It was Viedonna who commanded that the mortal races be created to fight the battles of the gods in a way that would not endanger the deities directly. As such new gods were created to care for the mortals. Once the plans were set in motion, Viedonna returned to the sun to make more homes for the new gods. She also decided that Madock would act on her behalf as a messenger between the gods, and also serve as a god of the mortals.

If a Cascadonian says, “Sure, just as soon as ”/wikis/Viedonna/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Viedonna finishes the sun," you can expect that it will be a very, very long time.


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Chapter One - Light

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