Those of the Fire Clan tend to have a fierceness to them. They are quick to act and tend to be fickle in, well, all things. They are powerful warriors and seek glory and honor. Due to thier combative nature, they are the most likely to be in single clan tribes, favoring the company of like-minded Hestreans.
When a prt of a multi-clan tribe, the Fire Clan members are usually scouts and hunters. They mark thier skin with tattoos to commemorate great kills.

The Water Clan are the most likely to settle. Of all the clans they desire most to cultivate and create a steady civilization. They tend to migrate in the northern, more habitable parts of the country, particularly near the Frozen Swamp.
Water Clan members are useful as healers, and have had some success in unlocking the secrets of magic. They tend to surround themselves with other clans for protection and utility, but the Water Clan members are usually in a position of power.

Of all Hestreans, none are more curious than the Earth Clan. Once an Earth Clansman gets an idea about something, they want nothing more than to explore it. They are also inventors and innovators. More than any other clan do the Earth Clansmen interact with the Cascadonians and Kadessi. They work well as a clan on thier own, but often find kinship with the Water Clans due to thier shared interest in building and stability.

No clan is as unpredictable as the Air Clan. Said to wield powerful magic, members of the Air Clan are often revered; however, they are difficult to find. Until recently the Air Clans were spread to far and so thin, that most Heasteans would go their whole lives without ever seeing one.

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