Inner Baronies


To the north of Castle Cascadon, within the Cascadonian mountain valley, sprawls Ictis, the first barony of Cascadon. The peaceful region attracts farmers and craftsmen, supplying the castle.
Crest is of a Ferret.


Set in the mouth of the Cascadonian mountain valley, Tarandrus protects Castle Cascadon. Producing military specialists, the barony is intensely loyal to the king.
Crest is a stag


Center of culture, art, and blatant lies, Vulpes lies east of the castle in the Cascadonian mountain valley. They monopolize shipping and transportation services.
Crest is a fox.

Vulperian University

The Vulperian University is a college dedicated to the arts, unlike the University of Ferre. VU was founded by the brother of the present baron of Vulpes in an effort to educate and train the finest scholars of music, painting, sculpture, illustration, and writing. They are perhaps most famous for their cartography program, which has made the science of map making a study of art as well. Vulperian maps are considered to be of incredibly high quality and value.

Castle Cascadon

Nestled vaguely in the center of the three baronies, the Castle Cascadon is the home of the monarchy. The castle is surrounded by a sprawling city, as well as King Owned farms and ranches. In addition to housing the monarchs, each of the barons has a representative who lives at the castle to participate in the Baron’s Council, which, under supervision of the Queen, coordinates with guild masters to pass economic law.

The Impassible Mountains

The Inner Baronies are settled in a large valley in the Impassible Mountains, so named due to the difficulty of traversing the range. There are numerous caves and, allegedly, abandoned dwarven mines. Also, there are countless stories about dragons and demons who dwell in the mountain range, waiting for foolish travelers to wander by.
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Inner Baronies

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