Middle Baronies


Guarding against Zubin’s Wood in middle Cascadon, Aper attracts army irregulars, hunters, and those brave enough to dare the woods in search of profit.
Crest is a boar.


Anchoring the eastern end of Berengar’s Wall in middle Cascadon, Aquila is the home of diplomats, accountants, and tax collectors.
The crest is an Eagle.


Defending the western end of Berengar’s Wall, the majority of the kingdom’s fighting force hails from Canis, and are as loyal to the kingdom as the animal they are named for.
Crest is a Hound.

City of Medius

In the very center of Cascadon lies Medius. This city is the second seat of power in Cascadon, and houses the high courts. It is in Medius that major crimes are tried, and executions held. This is also a trade hub between all of the baronies, and is a popular place for royalty to go in order to curry favor with the people.
Crest is of a full sun.

Berengar’s Wall

After being at war with Dunelain for 200 years, the Cascadonians decided to create a more easily defended boarder. To do so, they constructed Berengar’s Wall, a 12 foot tall wall that stretches over 60 miles of Cascadon’s northern boarder. For more about the building of the wall, read this excerpt from my NaNoWriMo novel.

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Middle Baronies

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