Military Forces in Cascadon

There are several military forces in Cascadon, to say nothing of Baronial guards and local militias. In general, if you want to be in a real army, you go to either Canis or Tarandrus.

The Canisian Legions

The legions are rows of men and women in gleaming armor and brilliantly white tabards marching side by side towards victory; rah, rah! Highly disciplined and massively effective, every soldier in the Canisian legions is a force to be reckoned with individually, let alone in numbers. While many see their bright tabards and large numbers as targets, the legionaries see them as badges of pride, showing no fear.
There are three major legions, The Hawk, The <other> and The Hound. The Hawk legion is primarily used for expeditions and reconnaissance while The <other> is designed for siege warfare and the destruction of obstacles. The Hound Legion, by far the largest and most famous, has the largest number of soldiers, keeping around 5,000 soldiers in line at any given time. When the legions travel, they bring with them food supplies and craftsmen, earning them nicknames like, “Marching City” and “Fighting Town.”

The Stag Army

The stag army out of Tarandrus is a major source of military power for the Kingdom. The Stags are much less organized and more freeform, with number difficult to calculate, as soldiers may come and go from the military as they will after their initial 5 year elistment. They are often loud and rowdy, but popular because, unlike the Canisian forces, the Tarandrusians live off the local areas when they travel, bringing much commerce to the areas they travel through.

The Aperian Rangers

Out of Aper, the Rangers are a large, Barony funded militia of sorts. The barony funds the Rangers who offer a stipend to any willing to walk along the border of the dreaded Zubin’s Wood. Thought they rarely have resources to spare in conflicts outside of Aper, the rangers are all remarkable individuals with expertise in bowmanship and survival.

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Military Forces in Cascadon

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