Opinions of Others

These are general biases, and will vary based on the individuals, but here’s some general opinions.

Cascadon towards…

Dunelain – The Cascadonian people have been at war with the giant towards the North since the kingdom was founded. In general the Cascadonian’s dislike Dunelainians due to the old grudge. However, in some places, like Middle Baronies|Aquilla and The Port of New Hope trade agreements have been brokered with Dunelain. The Outer Baronies, Aper, and Ictus, in general, don’t have particularly strong feelings towards Dunelain other than general dislike. Tarandrus and Canis have very strong feelings, as they are the baronies that supply most of Casadon’s military forces. Someone from Canis would likely have an instantly negative opinion of anyone from Dunelain, and be particularly distrustful of them.
Dunelain towards Cascadon – Most Dunelainians see Cascadon as a backward place full of foolhardy warmongers and greedy penny-pinchers.

Hestrean – Before the attack on Corvus, most Cascadonians had little to no opinion about Hestrean, knowing only that it was a snowy place full of barbarians. The people of Corvus that was even traded with some Hestrean tribes. Since the beginning of fighting, many rumors have spread of the depravity of the Hestrean people, making them out to be monsters.
Hestrean towards Cascadon – Since there are numerous tribes in Hestrean, each one has a different view of Cascadon. Most tribes have probably never met a Cascadonian. Some of the northern tribes traded with Corvus that was.

Kadessi – The people of Cascadon rarely have dealings with the isolationist Kadessi people. The country is separated from Cascadon by Zubin’s Wood in Aper, and the only accessible part of Kadessi is Laketown, boardering Ferre. The strange appearance of the Kadessi people (with their subdermal implants) makes them seem alien, and their language is difficult to master. In general, they are seen as “other” and little more.
Kadessi towards Cascadon – The people of Kadessi see Cascadon as a young country with much to learn. They have little interaction with Cascadon, but know enough to fear that one day the Cascadonians may become interested in conquering the woods. For now, however, the Kadessi are leaving well enough alone.

Shadara – Most Cascadonians know little of Shadara. Most people will know the stories of the Evil Empress that rules the country. She is rumored to be an immortal sorceress who eats babies stolen from other countries by her Cinquedeas. These children’s tales paint the Cinquedeas as boogy men, and the Empress as an evil witch figure.
Shadara towards Cascadon Shadara has no real opinion of the Cascadonians. In general, Shadaran’s do not travel and are very insular. Life is love. Love is the Empress.

Vestrea – The height of fashion and culture, Vestrea is seen by Cascadon as a romantic, fantastic place full of wonders and art. To people from the baronies of Vulpes and Aquilla, Vestrea is what Cascadon should strive to be. For most of the rest of the kingdom, Vestrea is just a place where rich fancy folk are rich and fancy.
Vestrea towards Cascadon – To the Vestreans, Cascadon is like an adorable little cousin. They see much of their history in Cascadon’s present. As a financially secure kingdom, the Vestrean people often feel pity toward the under-developed kingdom, but they have no formal alliance or trade agreements.

Mylar – It has been hundreds of years since anyone in Cascadon has really interacted with anyone from Mylar, and as such there isn’t much opinion about them. There is a vague sense of enmity, but it’s more like how people today in the US feel about the USSR and less like the Pakistanis and Israelis.
Mylar towards Cascadon – 999 out of 1000 Mylarans have never heard of Cascadon.

The Continent The Continent is a place full of mystery and the source of many fantastical tales, however there aren’t a lot of facts regarding the continent. It is known to be vast and strange. A few traders have come to Cascadon, and they had dark skin, the likes of which had never been seen before in Cascadon. Other than that, most Cascadonians don’t know enough about The Continent to have an opinion about it.
The Continent towards Cascadon – Cascadon? Is that a pasta dish?

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Opinions of Others

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