Outer Baronies


Once the southernmost barony in Cascadon, Corvus was overrun by Hestrean forces and is no more. Refugees have spread to the nearest baronies for shelter.
Crest is of a Raven.


Tucked into the mountains near Kadessi, Ferre is a powerhouse of industry, searching for metal in their copious mines and for ideas in their famed university.
Crest is of a Bear.


In the plains of eastern Cascadon, Murilegus has an unsavory reputation for birthing and harboring thieves, swindlers, smugglers, and cutthroats- all for hire.
Crest is of a Cat.

Port of New Hope

Ruled by the “Pirate King,” the Port of New Hope is a bustling port city that is constantly full of ships coming and going. This trade center is a neutral space, permitting traders from all countries, even Dunelain, to set up shop within the city limits.

University of Ferre

Best known for their advances in military technology, the University of Ferre is also one of the few places one can go to learn wizardry and chemistry. The university is located within the walls of Castle Ferre, nestled in the mountains of the barony.

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Outer Baronies

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