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Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Taradessa Aisha Viedonna
Justina Aden Madock
Neutral Dalka Kie Kittik
Berengar Hanaleo Lethos
Evil Vietomma Sesek Zubin
Draven Kaisha Charalina

Creation Myth

Chapter One – Light
Chapter Two – Darkness
Chapter Three – Perfection
Chapter Four – Vengance
Chapter Five – War
Chapter Six – Mortals
Chapter Seven – Uncles

Gods at a Glance

Name Taradessa
Alignment LG
Favored Weapon Quarterstaff
Domains Animals, Healing, Plant, Protection, Weather
Portfolio Nature, Life, Cycles, Natural Order
Name Justina
Alignment LG
Favored Weapon Polearm
Domains Charm, Glory, Nobility, Protection, War
Portfolio Victory, Chivalry, Courtly Manners, Confidence
Name Dalka
Alignment LN
Favored Weapon Warhammer
Domains Artifice, Community, Destruction, Law, Strength
Portfolio Construction, Development, Society, Rebuilding
Name Berengar
Alignment LN
Favored Weapon Repeating Crossbow
Domains Artifice, Glory, Knowledge, Magic, Runes
Portfolio Wizards, Invention, Notoriety, Power, Ingenuity
Name Vietomma
Alignment LE
Favored Weapon Scourge
Domains Charm, Death, Glory, Knowledge, Nobility
Portfolio Power, Lust, Fame/Infamy, Domination, Victory
Name Draven
Alignment LE
Favored Weapon Heavy Crossbow
Domains Darkness, Earth, Luck, Protection, War
Portfolio Tactics, Strategies, Plans, Armies, Engineering
Name Aisha
Alignment NG
Favored Weapon Longsword
Domains Good, Healing, Nobility, Repose, Strength
Portfolio Sacrifice, Loyalty, Vigilance, Friendship
Name Aden
Alignment NG
Favored Weapon Longbow
Domains Earth, Fire, Luck, Sun, Weather
Portfolio Victory, Summer, Youth, Happiness, Warmth
Name Zekiel
Alignment NG
Favored Weapon Fan
Domains Air, Darkness, Magic, Rune, Travel
Portfolio Sleep, Dreams, Whimsy, The Fantastic
Name Kie
Alignment N
Favored Weapon Rapier
Domains Charm, Darkness, Knowledge, Liberations, Trickery
Portfolio Cleverness, Subtlety, Freedom, Perception Night
Name Hanaleo
Alignment N
Favored Weapon Spiked Shield
Domains Healing, Protection, Repose, Travel, War
Portfolio War
Name Erjon
Alignment N
Favored Weapon Heavy Flail
Domains Air, Earth, Fire, Sun, Water
Portfolio Elements, Forces of Nature, Raw Power
Name Sesek
Alignment NE
Favored Weapon Scourge
Domains Evil, Healing, Madness, Repose, Trickery
Portfolio Suffering, Torture, Pain, Eternal Life
Name Kaisha
Alignment NE
Favored Weapon Trident and Net
Domains Air, Death, Travel, Water, Weather
Portfolio Oceans, Storms, Floods, Anger
Name Jaros
Alignment NE
Favored Weapon Falchion
Domains Artifice, Fire, Strength, Sun, Weather
Portfolio Deserts, Drought, Heat, Famine, Desolation
Name Viedonna
Alignment CG
Favored Weapon Heavy Mace
Domains Community, Earth, Healing, Sun, Weather
Portfolio Light, Hearth, Family, Contendedness
Name Madock
Alignment CG
Favored Weapon Greatsword
Domains Artifice, Fire, Glory, Knowledge, Liberation
Portfolio Freedom, Equality, Fame, Experience, Rewards
Name Kittik
Alignment CN
Favored Weapon Sling
Domains Charm, Chaos, Luck, Madness, Trickery
Portfolio Casual Misfortune, Pranks, Accidents
Name Lethos
Alignment CN
Favored Weapon Bastard Sword
Domains Destruction, Fire, Madness, Strength, War
Portfolio Rage, Love, Jealousy, Revenge, Passion
Name Zubin
Alignment CE
Favored Weapon Unarmed
Domains Air Animal Earth, Plant, Water
Portfolio Untamed Nature, Reclamation, Wilderness
Name Charalina
Alignment CE
Favored Weapon Scimitar
Domains Darkness, Death, Knowledge, Magic, Runes
Portfolio Dark Magic, Self Interest, Sorcery, Pride
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