Social Issues in Cascadon

Some things listed are here not because they are social issues in Cascadon, but to point out that they are not social issues there – so read carefully!

Women’s Rights

In Cascadon men and women may hold any position. It is, in many ways, a meritocracy. Women do tend towards the role of mother, but they are afforded all of the same opportunities as their male counterparts. In Canis, for example, there are many “stay at home dads” who tend to the family while their wives are off with the Canisian Legions. Noble women and noble men have equal power, and inheritances are not necessarily awarded to the eldest son. A dying parent will divide their estate, or pass it on to the child they feel will best handle the responsibility. When a parent dies before making their wishes known, the estate is given to the eldest child by default, regardless of their gender.


As long as one is not expected to carry on a bloodline, there is no issue with a homosexual relationship in Cascadon. Because of the rarity of homosexuals, they often identify themselves by wearing an inverted symbol of Aden in hopes of alerting others to their status so that they will be wooed by the appropriate potential mate. Gay couples may marry and adopt children the same as a heterosexual couple.
*In Dunelain, marriage contracts are set by the parents, and they sometimes will contract two men or two women regardless of their orientation. Such a marriage is referred to as a “Contract of Brands” or “Marriage of Brands” implying that the sole purpose of the marriage is join the two families brands for financial/social gain. This is rare, but completely legal, if a bit uncomfortable for the brides/grooms, as a marriage must be consummated to be legal.


The issues of education and healthcare in Cascadon are handled by the temples. Unfortunately in Cascadon there is no standard education offered to all. Those growing up in the King Cities, like Castle Cascadon, Medius, and Port of New Hope will almost assuredly have a basic education provided by a temple of Berengar. Aquilla and Canis also make sure to provide a basic education through the temples. Beyond that, it’s sort of hit and miss. Parents who can read will teach their children to read, and reading is becoming more common, but a majority of the people in Cascadon have limited reading/writing abilities. Just to put numbers on it, 50% of the people in Cascadon know how to read/write their name and the alphabet/numbers 1-10, 40% can read and write with moderate fluency, and 10% have an academic mastery of reading/writing.
Healthcare is also dependent on location. The major cities and towns will have temples to Aisha which offer healing, but out in the country, one is at the mercy of midwifes and farmers for their medicine. People who live near forts can go there for help, and sometimes traveling priests will be nearby. Other than that, good luck and gods bless.

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Social Issues in Cascadon

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