Alignment Favored Weapon Deity of
Lawful Good Quarterstaff Nature

Who Prays to Taradessa?
Taradessan priests and temples aren’t very common in Cascaon outside of Aper. As the goddess of nature and natural order, she is popular for worship amongst many hunters and those who live near [[Zubin’s Wood]]. Followers of Berengar are not often fans of Taradessa, as it is the laws of nature that limit man in many ways. She is also turned to by many people struggling in marriages, as she is the only “wife” in the pantheon. (Dalka is her long time consort.)

Depiction and Iconography
Generally, Taradessa is depicted as being a middle aged female. Her hair is generally brown, or auburn, likely to differentiate her from the golden haired Viedonna and black haired Vietomma. She is usually depicted with nature, usually holding a staff of some sort. She usually dresses like a hunter in leather pants and jerkin.
Her symbol is a tree with branches and roots equal in abundance.

Common Offerings
It is traditional to treat a felled animal from a hunt as offering to Taradessa. Some hunters will bring a trophy, such as a fang, antler or such to a temple as thanks for luck in the hunt, and in hopes of a lucky hunt next time.

Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Taradessa Aisha Viedonna
Justina Aden Madock
Neutral Dalka Kie Kittik
Berengar Hanaleo Lethos
Evil Vietomma Sesek Zubin
Draven Kaisha Charalina
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